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CAUTION: Harmful Blue-Green Algae May Be Present

Possible Presence of Harmful Algal Bloom at Abbeywood Park Ponds

The Lisle Park District’s aquatic weed control contractor has identified an algae in the ponds at Abbeywood Park in Green Trails that they believe could be a harmful blue-green algae, otherwise referred to as a Harmful Algal Bloom, or HAB. The Park District has authorized them to take samples and have them analyzed to determine if in fact the algae in question is harmful.

In the meantime, the Illinois Department of Public Health makes the following recommendations:

  • Do not swim or wade through algal scums
  • Do not boat, water ski, jet ski, or fish where algal scum is present
  • Always shower off with soap and water after swimming in a lake, river, or pond
  • Do not let dogs drink, eat, or lick algal scum off their fur
  • Wash your dog off with clean water immediately if your dog swims or wades in water during an algal bloom

Signage has been posted at the ponds in question and once the lab results are known the Park District will provide additional information.

Click here to visit the Illinois Department of Public Health Website

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"50 Years of FUN" Photo Contest

It’s time to search your old photo albums to help celebrate Lisle Park District’s 50th Anniversary in 2017!

The Lisle Park District invites you to participate in our annual photography contest with an added twist. Over the past 50 years you have enjoyed Lisle Park District’s parks, facilities, recreation programs and events, and have captured many of these memories on your camera. We’d love to see these photos! The rules are simple – any photos taken within the last 50 years can be submitted and entered into our photo contest. Help us celebrate our 50th Anniversary by showing off the memories you’ve made at the Lisle Park District!

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Take A Walk Through Time

Lisle Park District's 50th Anniversary

Exhibit Open Through Saturday, November 11
The exhibit will be on display in the Historic Lisle Depot

Join us in celebrating 50 years by taking a walk through time as we showcase our exhibit celebrating the Lisle Park District's 50 years of service to the greater Lisle community.

Click Here to Learn More

Questions? Please contact us at 630-968-0499 or


Van Kampen Memorial Stage Renovation

Renovations to the Van Kampen Memorial stage are currently underway in Community Park. Work includes expanding the size of the stage itself, filling in the water area in front of the stage, creating a dance lawn with a seat wall, construction of a small sound board dugout area, shoreline stabilization in the vicinity of the stage and natural area enhancements and expansion. Substantial completion is expected to occur this fall with final landscaping being completed in the spring of 2018.

View Progress Photos of the Renovation

View Stage Concept    View Stage Plan

View List of Current Projects

Questions? Contact Dan Garvy, Director of Parks & Recreation at


Ashton Place - Leask Lane Park Development

Almost 2 ½ years in the making, the Lisle Park District along with Oak Creek Capital Partners – Ashton Place Series (OCCP) is in the midst of a combination park – residential development on the corner of Warrenville Road and Leask Lane. Through a land donation agreement and a development agreement with the Park District, OCCP is constructing a park on over 3 acres of the 8 acre plot that was mutually designed by Park District staff and OCCP’s landscape architect Gary Weber & Associates. Work has begun and weather and conditions permitting, the park should be completed later this year.

View Renderings of the Playground Equipment

View Final Lanscape Plans for Entire Residental Development & Park Site

View List of Lisle Park District's Current Projects

Questions? Contact Dan Garvy, Director of Parks & Recreation at


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