COVID-19 Updates

Face coverings are now optional within Lisle Park District facilities. If you have any symptoms of illness, please do not enter our facilities. Offsite programs and trips to external locations may be subject to different COVID-19 mitigation guidelines, which will be communicated in advance as applicable.

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ADDRESS: 1925 Ohio Street, Lisle (NE Entrance, Door #5)
PHONE: 630-353-4301


MONDAY:   9:30am-2:30pm
TUESDAY:   9:30am-3:00pm
WEDNESDAY:   10:00am-3:00pm
THURSDAY:   11:00am-4:00pm
FRIDAY:   Open for Special Programs & Parties Only



Beyond Bingo May-June 2022 Virtual Guide

Senior Program & Trip Registration:

  • Resident Registration Begins Monday, April 25
  • Nonresident Registration Begins Wednesday, April 27
  • Registration is taken on a first-come, first-served basis
  • See below for details on How to Register

Our Beyond Bingo online guide contains hotspots for each program. To register for a program, just click the "Register Online" link associated with the program.

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PLEASE NOTE: If you DO NOT receive an email confirmation receipt for your online registration, it was not completed successfully.

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Lisle Recreation Center | 1925 Ohio Street, Lisle (Door #1)
Monday – Friday: 9:00am-5:00pm
To register in-person, fill out the registration form, make sure the waiver is signed and bring it with you to the Lisle Recreation Center during the hours listed above.

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Please follow the new official Lisle Senior Center Facebook page for program & trip snapshots and the latest news! The Senior Center Facebook Group will no longer be used to communicate Senior Center happenings.

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You will be required to purchase a yearly membership card to participate in all drop-in programs at the Senior Center. Memberships will expire one year after purchase.

The Senior Center Membership is intended for those individuals who participate in Senior Center drop-in programs on a weekly basis. The membership is intended to defray the costs associated with drop-in programming including supplies like playing cards, bingo cards, shufflers as well as the maintenance associated with setting and cleaning up after each drop-in program.

What are the benefits of a Senior Center Membership?

  • Unlimited visits during center hours for drop-in programs
  • Cards, shufflers, games, and other items needed for the programs
  • Member Appreciation Holiday Party
  • Priority registration for AARP tax appointments

Is the membership based on the calendar year?

No, your membership begins the day you purchase it and is good for 1 year.

Do I need a membership to go on Senior Trips?

No, you do not need a membership to go on senior trips.

Do I need a membership to attend programs at the Senior Center like bunco, movies or other registered activities?

No, you do not need a membership to attend activities you register for.

I’d like to come to a drop-in program occasionally, but don’t want to pay for a membership. Can I pay daily?

Yes. Resident daily fee is $2; Nonresident daily fee is $3.

How do I purchase my Senior Center membership?


Purchase Your Membership Online


Lisle Recreation Center Front Desk (Door #1)

Monday – Friday


Where do I pick-up my membership card?

Senior Center Front Desk


Single $52 $59
Couple $78 $85
90+ Single $26 $33
90+ Couple $39 $46


If you want to come to a drop-in program occasionally, but don’t want to pay for a membership you have the option to pay a daily fee.

$2 $3



A yearly membership card is required to participate in all drop-in programs at the Senior Center. Memberships will expire one year after purchase. See above for more details.


  • CASH BINGO - 10:00-11:30am

    Limit of 30 participants in each session. Reservations are required. $1 for 2 cards. Enjoy a variety of bingo games sure to challenge your mind and luck! Birthdays will be celebrated on the third Monday of each month with a special treat for those celebrating a birthday during that month. Birthday cake provided by Independence Village, Naperville.

    Mexican Train Dominoes - 11:00am

    Mexican Train Dominoes are played with double-sided numbered dominoes, where the object of each round is to play all the dominoes/tiles before the other players go. Players place their tiles on various chains or "trains" that emanate from a central hub or "train station." Join this group at 11am, or bring your lunch and join in the fun after you finish up with bingo in the morning.

  • MAH JONG - 9:30am

    Mah Jong is an ancient tile game played by many cultures. Players use skill, wit and good fortune to build hands by drawing and discarding tiles. This group plays the American version of Mah Jong. All levels are welcome but please note that this game does take time, patience and good concentration skills to play proficiently. Basic rules are available at the Senior Center for beginners to review prior to attending.

  • CANASTA - 11:00am

    Join this friendly and ever-growing group to play the Hand & Foot and Hand, Foot & Elbow versions of this all-time favorite card game. Rules are available at the Senior Center front desk for those needing to refresh and brush up on their skills prior to attending.

  • BRIDGE - 12:45pm

    Join this friendly group for an afternoon of drop-in bridge. A basic knowledge of the game is needed to participate.

    RUMMIKUB - 1:00pm

    Combining features of some of the most famous pastimes, such as Mah Jong, Rummy, Dominoes, and Chess, Rummikub is a stimulating game that requires a large measure of strategy and small dose of luck. A copy of the rules is available at the front desk.

    CHESS - 1:00pm

    All levels are welcome to join this friendly and dedicated group. Basic knowledge of chess is expected.


Senior Center Giving Tree - Become a DONOR!

Create a LASTING LEGACY at the Lisle Park District Senior Center

Our giving tree is to honor our partners who wish to further our vision of serving citizens through our facility and programming. Donations assist with specific needs as well as maintaining our overall high level of sevice.

Giving Tree Donations

Donations in the following amounts will receive recognition on the Senior Center Giving Tree, which is displayed in the Senior Center vestibule. Donations over $100 will also be recognized in future editions of the Prime Times and online (see below).

  • BUTTERFLY DONATION | $5,000 or more
  • GOLD LEAF DONATION | $1,000-$4,999
  • BRONZE LEAF DONATION | $100-$499



  • A Dear Friend of the Lisle Park District
  • Lisle Savings Bank


  • Anonymous
  • Family of Sigrid Domville
  • Family of Gladys Cook
  • Family of Dorothea Shuta
  • Georgia & Bob Rohan


  • Ethel Wilke
  • National Engravers, Inc.


  • Kimm Biedermann
  • Jack & Pat Cantlin
  • Mike Czech
  • Laura Gardner
  • Carol Gray
  • Kathy Hamilton
  • Evelyn Horejsi
  • Denni Hosch
  • Shirlee Jecmen
  • Rae & Wayne Kipper
  • Judy Lepic
  • Edith Northfield
  • Michael Olson
  • Ann & Dan Patt
  • Marilyn Purdy-Stern
  • Bonnie & Ray Olson
  • Dorothy Rey & Suzan Rey-Olson
  • Gail Robinson
  • Fred & Helga Seno
  • Delores Standaert
  • Lu Branda & Ray Svejnoha
  • Evelyn Todd
  • Nancy Tracey
  • Ray Nasby
  • Gwynne Tarr
  • In Memory of Coletta Hayes

Download our Giving Tree Donation Form