Sea Lion Aquatic Park - General Information
1825 Short Street -(Click for Directions)
Daily Weather/Closing: 630-964-3410 (option 2,2,2)

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Season passes are not available for sale through phone, fax, or mail-in registration and are accepted only at the Lisle Recreation Center Registration Desk located at 1925 Ohio Street in Lisle.

2013 pool pass holder? Community Park Fitness member? Don’t stretch your wallet anymore with all those cards! Use your existing card as your pool pass! Passes will be sold to your account enabling your current passes to be all you need for pool access! To replace or receive a new ID card, the purchase receipt and a photo ID must be shown and a replacement fee of $10 will be charged.

Refunds are not given on season passes.

Each additional family member after 5 people is $30.00/person for residents and $60.00/person for nonresidents.
Residents: To verify residency, a current driver’s license and utility bill must be presented at time of sale. No exceptions.

*Must have a current/valid student ID


**A couple is identified as two individuals residing at the same address. Both individuals must show proof of residency in the same household through utility bills, paycheck stubs, driver's license, etc.

**A family is identified as parent(s) and/or any unmarried children who are living at a single address. Other relatives, babysitters, nannies, etc., may not be included on the Family Pass.

From time to time the pool may be closed for a specific reason, you may have an emergency and need to contact someone at the facility, need last minute swim lesson information, or have other questions about pool events and operation. Please utilize these phone numbers, check the website, and look at the Sea Lion Aquatic Park sign for updates on pool happenings.

Pool Hotline: 630-964-3410, ext. 2 (Facilities)
     Option 2 (Sea Lion Aquatic Park)

        • Option 1 (Hours and Fees)
        • Option 2 (Daily Pool Update)
        • Option 3 (Special Events)
        • Option 4 (Rentals and Birthday Party Information)
        • Option 5 (Swim Lesson Information)

To speak to a Manager: 630-964-3410, ext. 4319

Swim Team Hotline: 630-964-3410, ext. 4323

Emergencies: 630-964-3410, ext. 4321

Birthday Party and Group Reservations: 630-964-3410, ext. 4308