Saturdays, February 4 - February 25 at 1:00pm
Events will be held in the Netzley-Yender Farmhouse, 921 School Street, Lisle

Join us for this free, unique celebration of history and culture of our region with local authors and others who write about it. Saturdays in February, authors from around Chicagoland will present their books in a fun and informal discussion. The Chicago Author Series will take place in the parlor of the Netzley-Yender Farmhouse where coffee and refreshments will be served.

FREE PARKING is available in the lot in front of the Beaubien Tavern and at Village Hall and in the commuter parking lots.

Please Note: Program subject to change without notice. Visit the Lisle Library to check out the books featured in this series. Seating is on a first come basis. Admission is FREE and this event is designed for the whole family!

Presenting Sponsors: The Museums at Lisle Station Park and The Lisle Park District
Thank You To Our Program Partners: Lisle Public Library, Lake Claremont Press, Arcadia Press

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Saturday, February 4 at 1:00pm

  • Larry Broutman
  • Chicago Monumental

Larry Broutman attended MIT where he received his S.B., S.M., and doctorate degree in the field of Materials Engineering and Science in 1963. During his career in Polymer Engineering and Science he was an active researcher, teacher, and technical writer. In the early 1990s Larry's avocation became wildlife and landscape photography, and traveling all over the world to photograph his subjects. This has now become his full time profession and he has completed photographic projects for the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago, Children’s Memorial Hospital Clinic, and The Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago.

In Chicago Monumental, photographer and writer Larry Broutman again brings his unique vision to the page (his first book was Chicago Unleashed), presenting Chicago's monuments in a way that will deepen understanding of how a great city comes to be of the many complex human personalities and historical events that weave its texture and story. Chicago Monumental may be enjoyed as a visual history, as social documentary, as a guidebook to both familiar and little-known works, as a portable art gallery or as itself a piece of public sculpture.

Saturday, February 11 at 1:00pm

  • Wayne Turmel
  • The Count of the Sahara

Wayne Turmel lives and writes in Lisle, IL. His motto is "Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it. The rest of us are doomed, too, but get to smile smugly and say, 'told you so.'

In 1925, Count Byron De Prorok was the most famous archaeologist and lecturer in America, but by 1926 his reputation, marriage and career were in ruins. This historical novel looks at this fascinating character through both the Algerian Sahara Archaeological Expedition that made his name and the lecture tour through the frozen Midwest that brough him down. Told through flashbacks and the experience of a naïve Wisconsin boy who witnesses the fall of the 1920s most interesteing people.

Saturday, February 18 at 1:00pm

  • Joseph Rulli
  • The Chicago Haymarket Affair: A Guide to a Labor Rights Milestone

Rulli is a transplanted Hoosier since 2006. He is a playwright by passion with "The Chicago Haymarket Affair" as his first publication.

The book is one of the most objective looks at the 1886 Haymarket bombing and its aftermath to date. It explores the background of the incident and the people involved through a perusal of the trial transcripts and the sites in downtown Chicago related to the events. The goal is to look at an historical event as clearly as possible in order to develop an attitude of objectivity for finding solutions to our contemporary challenges.

Richard Lanyon - Draining Chicago: The Early City and the North Area

Saturday, February 25 at 1:00pm

  • Pat Camalliere
  • The Mystery at Black Partridge Woods

Pat Camalliere is the author of The Mystery at Sag Bridge, a popular, five-star rated historical mystery novel, She lives in Lemont, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. She serves on the boards of the Lemont Historical Society and Lemont Public Library District. She writes a blog that features unique history stories and speaks locally on a variety of topics.

Pat Camalliere’s latest release, The Mystery at Black Partridge Woods, is a historical mystery that takes place in Lemont, Illinois. It weaves two complete stories with unexpected parallels. Two hundred years ago a Potawatomi woman is forced to become an amateur sleuth to save her son from a murder sentence. In present day, a group of writers who are turning her story into a book are attacked by someone who does not want the book published.

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Coffee with the Curator

Join us on the second Tuesday of the month for a behind-the-scenes history chat with our Museum Curator, Concetta while enjoying a cup of coffee. This open house-style morning in the Beaubien Tavern will feature different topics, light refreshments, and some special guests each month. Reservations are not required.

FREE PARKING is available in the lot in front of the Beaubien Tavern and at Village Hall and in the commuter parking lots.

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Tuesday, February 14 from 10:00-11:30am

  • Preserving Local History

Tuesday, March 14 from 10:00-11:30am

  • The Role of Blacksmithing in the 19th Century Community

Tuesday, April 11 from 10:00-11:30am

  • Doing Good Research

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Saturday, March 4 from 10:30-11:30am
Event will be held in the Beaubien Tavern

Nancy Gee is back for storytime this March to celebrate the joy of reading! Come read about the adventures of the flying squirrels, Al and Sal, and their friends during this free children’s event at the museum.

(Suggested audience: children from Preschool-5th grade)

FREE PARKING is available in the lot in front of the Beaubien Tavern and at Village Hall and in the commuter parking lots.

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The Museums at Lisle Station Park invites families to come to the Museum on the following dates from 10:30-11:30am for a free fun family activity. Activites will vary depending on the theme of the month, are best suited for kids ages 4-10, and will be held in the Netzley/Yender Farmhouse.

FREE PARKING is available in the lot in front of the Beaubien Tavern and at Village Hall and in the commuter parking lots.

Program Co-Hosted By: Lisle Public Library

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Saturday, March 25 from 10:30-11:30am

  • Proper Peonies

Learn about our favorite Lisle flower, the peony, and make your own!

Saturday, April 22 from 10:30-11:30am

  • Great Gardens

Find out why backyard gardens were so important to historic home life. Learn to make your own garden craft.

Saturday, May 13 from 10:30-11:30am

  • BINGO!

Bring the whole family and meet us in the Lisle Depot Museum to play some museum bingo! Grab a bingo card to learn what stories our artifacts can tell about Lisle’s history and culture while savoring a special frozen treat.

Saturday, June 17 from 10:30-11:30am

  • Water-y Paths

How did people get around quickly before cars and trains? The river, of course! Read stories and trace our water-y paths through history.

Saturday, July 15 from 10:30-11:30am

  • Little Printers

Travel back to a time when people did not have computers, learn how words used to be typed, and print your name the old-fashioned way!

Saturday, August 26 from 10:30-11:30am

  • Passing Notes

Learn how the train crew used to send messages to each other and make your own message holder to pass notes to the Stationmaster.

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