Garden Plots - Grow your own fresh, organic produce!

Do you love to garden, but don't have the space at home? We can help!

The Lisle Park District's Community Garden Plots are located on the southwest corner of River Road Park at Maple Avenue and River Road. All plots are tilled by the park district, except five rows that are set aside for gardeners who prefer to till themselves. Each plot is 10' x 15' and cost $35 for Lisle Park District residents and $60 for nonresidents. The season will last from May 1 - November 1, 2019. Garden plots require a $50 security deposit. This deposit is refundable if gardener follows all rules and regulations.

Individuals who rented a garden plot last year are offered priority registration for the same plot(s). Open registration for the remaining plots begins March 1, 2019. All plots must be paid for by March 31, 2019. If not paid for by this time, you will lose your plot.

If you wish to use the same plots from year to year, the Lisle Park District will try to make those accommodations. However, we do reserve the right to reassign plots from one season to the next. If you amend your assigned plot conditions, please keep in mind that we cannot guarantee you will receive the same plot next year.

Season Plot Size R / NR Refundable Security Deposit
May 1 – November 1, 2019 10'x 15' $35 / $60 $50

For any additional information or to purchase a garden plot, please contact Wendy Nadeau – Program, Rental, & Office Manager at 630-353-4303 or


Where to Park

Parking is allowed on the east side of River Road for pull-in parking only. If the lot is full, please be mindful of surrounding neighbors. Illegal parking will not be tolerated.


Rules & Regulations

In efforts to allow for an enjoyable experience for all participants, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Garden plots are all marked in the center with a wooden stake labeled with the corresponding plot identification. This is intended to be permanent, so please do not remove it.

  • The four corners of each 10' by 15' plot are marked with wooden stakes. When conditions allow, the plots will be tilled at the conclusion of the program.

  • Rows G and H will not be tilled for those gardeners who prefer doing the tilling themselves. If you choose to amend your plot(s), feel free to do so, but understand that when tilling occurs in the off-season, any amendments you have added may be dispersed to other plots through the tilling process.

  • Before you plant, please confirm that the center stake corresponds with your assigned plot as stated on your confirmation letter and gardening pass.

  • Assigned plots must be planted by May 31. Any plot not tended to by this date will be reassigned should the need arise.

  • No dumping is allowed. You may bring grass clippings, mulch, etc. for your plot(s), but please do not stock pile any material for later use.

  • Gardeners are responsible for maintaining their plot(s) to the boundaries from corner stake to corner stake. If weeds are allowed to grow to a height of 12" and/or go to seed, the Parks Department has the right to mow the entire plot. Prior to mowing, the Parks Department will place a red stake in the plot signifying the beginning of a one-week period at the conclusion of which the plot will be mowed.

  • The water tank on the west side of the plots is available as a convenience. DO NOT CONNECT A HOSE TO THE TANK. This is inconsiderate to other gardeners. The Parks Department will fill it as often as two times per week. This cannot be guaranteed, so gardeners should be prepared to bring water from home to insure their plot(s) receive adequate water. As always, please be considerate of other gardeners.

  • Materials such as string, plastic, fence stakes, fencing, etc. should not be left in the isles. Gardeners are responsible for removing all non-biodegradable materials at the conclusion of the program. Failure to do so may result in forfeiting one's right to participate in future gardening seasons.

  • The Lisle Park District is not responsible for theft, damage, vandalism, or any other acts of destruction, loss, or irresponsibility. Please report any vandalism, theft, or suspicious activity immediately to the Parks Department at 968-1012.

  • Garden Plots are non-transferable in that you must first receive written approval from the Lisle Park District before any transferring of plots can occur.

  • Please respect others' gardening techniques and individual plots. Whether you garden solely for the bounty it hopes to provide, for exercise, to be social, for therapy, or a combination of all these things, everyone deserves the right to enjoy this experience. Through respectful interaction and proper communication, we hope everyone can enjoy his or her gardening experience.