Community Park

Community Park is the centerpiece of the Lisle Park District. The park is located on Short Street off of Route 53 and serves as a focal point for outdoor sports and special events in Lisle.

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Park Amenities

Please click on following links to view the various amenities that are located within the 110 acres of Community Park:


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Recreation Center

Community Center

Aquatic Park

Fitness Center

Ramp Park


4 basketball courts

7 ball fields

4 tennis courts

3 soccer fields

Sled Hills

Nature walk trails

Fishing ponds

Bike Paths

Outdoor amphitheatre

3 picnic shelters

Band Shell

Recreation Center

1925 Ohio Street, Lisle, IL | Ph: 630-964-3410   Fax: 630-964-7448

The Lisle Park District's administrative offices, Senior Center, and Gentle Learning Preschool are located in the Recreation Center.


Monday - Friday   8:30 am - 7pm
Saturday   9am - 1pm



Regular meetings of the Lisle Park District Board of Park Commissioners are held in the Recreation Center's Multipurpose room at 7:00 pm on the third Tuesday of each month.

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Community Center

1825 Short Street, Lisle, IL
The Lisle Park District's Community Park Fitness is located in the Community Center.


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Community Ramp Park

1825 Short Street, Lisle, IL
Ph: 630-964-3410   Fax: 630-964-7448

The lighted Ramp Park is located just east of the Community Center and is open daily from 9am to 10:30 pm all year. It is available for use by skateboards, in-line skaters and BMX, and is free of charge.

The street course design Ramp Park features:

  • Skatelite skating surface
  • Wide variety of ramps and rails
  • Separate zone for beginners
  • Half-pipe area
  • Shade and seating for weary skaters
  • Water fountain

Please be mindful of posted rules and help maintain a clean, respectful facility.

Park District staff will close the facility due to vandalism, excessive trash, verbal or physical fighting, or any other unruly behavior.

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Community Concessions


Concessions are available at Sammy’s Snack Shack, the concession stand at Sea Lion Aquatic Park, during all operational hours from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Please order at the outside window facing Community Park.

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Community Basketball Courts

During times of favorable weather, the two lighted basketball courts are available from dawn until 10:30 pm seven days a week.

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Ball Fields


Baseball and Softball fields are used for scheduled games from April through October. Depending upon availability, fields may be reserved for parties, camps, or picnic rentals. For more information, please call Erica, athletic supervisor, at 964-3410 ext. 4307 or email her at


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Tennis Courts

Four lighted tennis courts are available from dawn to 10:30, March through November. Courts are periodically reserved for classes, programs, and Lisle High School’s tennis program. For more detailed information regarding scheduled activities on the tennis courts, please call…

The lights on the courts may be turned on for 45 minutes at a time by pressing the button located just inside the gate on the light pole. Lights will automatically shut off after 45 minutes unless the button is depressed. They will shut off for the evening at 10:30. For more information, please call Erica, athletic supervisor, at 964-3410 ext. 4307 or email her at

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Soccer Fields


Several soccer fields are located throughout Community Park. The fields are reserved for scheduled activities on Saturdays, and periodically during weekday evenings. For more detailed information regarding these scheduled activities, please call Erica, athletic supervisor, at 964-3410 ext. 4307 or email her at


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Nature Walk


The Lisle Park District is home to some of Illinois most protected wetlands. Make sure you take advantage of the Lisle Park District's pathways that take you  through a small, natural wetland where you can find some of the prairie grasses, plants and birds that are native to Illinois. 


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Fishing Ponds


Community Park offers the best fishing available from Short Street all the way north to the Burlington Northern Railroad, and from the East Branch of the DuPage River west to the Lisle High School.

Several locations around the Community Park ponds offer great spots to drop in a line. Outcropping stones, a small pier, and accessible shorelines are sure to delight even the most advanced fisherman.

All Lisle Park District ponds may only be used between dawn and dusk. At no time shall anyone swim, wade, use a motorized boat, ice fish or ice skate in/on any Lisle Park District pond.

Only non-motorized, United States Coast Guard approved watercrafts are allowed in District ponds. Additionally, all users of such boats must wear a United States Coast Guard approved personal flotation device.


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Sled Hills

The Community Park Sled Hill is located on the north end of the park near Lisle High School. Kingston Park has a softer slope and may be more appropriate for younger children.  Bring your friends and family out for a great winter activity. Please observe posted rules and be courteous of other users.

  1. No supervision provided. All sledding is done at your own risk.

  2. Users assume full responsibility for determining if conditions are safe for sledding.

  3. Parents are responsible for children.

  4. Sledding is a hazardous activity and presents substantial risks.

  5. Use caution when sledding and be considerate to others.

  6. Sledding is permitted only on the north side of hill.

  7. Return to top of hill along outside edge of sledding area.

  8. No building of ramps, jumps, or moguls on Lisle Park District sled hills.

Please call the Lisle Park District at 630-964-3410 for any questions, comments, or concerns.


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Bike Paths


The Lisle Park District has miles of scenic bike paths throughout Lisle. An updated map of Lisle Park District's bike paths is coming soon!


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Outdoor Amphitheatre


The VanKampen Memorial Stage offers a terrific venue for entertainment during the annual Eyes to the Skies 4th of July Festival, as well as church functions and more intimate occasions. For information regarding availability and programming, please call Mike Toohey at 964-3410 ext. 4305.


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Picnic Shelters

The Lisle Park District has three shelters at 1825 Short Street that are available for rental within Community Park. The North and South shelters are located on the north side of Short Street next to the ponds. The Band shelter is located on the south side of Short Street next to the Community Center. View map of shelter locations (This link will open a new window)

The shelters contain at least five picnic tables (seating approximately six adults), electricity, three garbage cans, and hot coal can. There are washroom facilities nearby.

Shelters are available on Saturdays and Sundays, dawn to dusk, between Memorial Day and Labor Day weekend unless previously scheduled for park district or community functions. The week of July fourth will not be available due to the Eyes to the Skies festival. 

Click here for picnic shelter rental information!

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Band Shell


From picnics to small concerts to puppet shows, the Community Park Band Shell is sure to delight. Located immediately east of the Community Center, the Band Shell is available for a variety of uses. For more information or for reservation information, please call Wendy Nadeau at 964-3410 ext. 4303.


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